Armored Audi A8 Security Sedan 3 - Germany

Armored Audi A8 Security Sedan available for Rent in Germany from Diplomat Armored Rentals

W12 - B7/VR7 Factory Armored Audi A8

Available as Client Driven Rental or with Trained Security Driver

$3200 Per Day

This Vehicle is available for Rent or for Car Hire Service throughout the EU.


Vehicle Features:

  • Safety class VR7/9
  • Fold-out laptop workstation with 12V connection
  • Refrigerator for drinks in the back middle console
  • Climatised interior
  • Standard holder front right and left
  • Hands-free and/or hand-held Phone, integrated fax
  • Electric back window screens right and left
  • TV
  • Wide door entrance in the back
  • 4-seater
  • smoke extraction
  • individual climate and lighting regulation for each seat
  • Handgranade-safe underbody and roof, certified
  • Emergency exits
  • Nightvision - Person recognition
  • Navigation system, cruise control
  • Heated comfort rear seats with foot rest
    through front seat
  • Armouring and bullet-proof glass VR7/9 certified
  • Pax emergency tires
  • Integrated flashing blue light, on request with siren
  • GPS tracking
  • Certified safety equipment, verifiable upon special request
  • Extended gas tank
  • Armoured tank and battery compartment
  • Automated fire-extinguisher for underbody and engine compartment
  • Side panels protected against explosive impact
  • Safe in the boot
  • Road sign recognition
  • Theft warning system
  • Resting seats for reclinging position
  • Massageseats - choice of 5 positions

2+3 Seating

Armored Vehicles rental throughout Europe (Paris, Brussels, Berlin) with personal protection and driver

We can provide your Audi A8 Security with driver and personal protection / security everywhere in Germany (Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne or Frankfurt). In addition, we are also outside Germany in use with our heavily armored limousines with VR7/9 and VR9 armor. In Europe we also offer the rental of armored vehicles in France (Paris, St Topez, St Tropez, Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse, Versailles) and Belgium (Antwerp, Ghent, Brussels) and many other European cities. The rental of our armored limousine is also possible in the surrounding European countries such as Switzerland (Geneva, Bern, Zurich), Austria (Vienna, Graz, Salzburg), Spain (Barcelona, Madrid, Marbella) or Italy (Naples, Turin, Milan). You can rent our armored Audi A8 Security exclusively with driver and personal protection service in Europe (Luxembourg, Denmark, the Netherlands (Amsterdam, The Hague), For more information about our armored vehicles - Prices and conditions, please contact us by email or telephone. 1-888-480-0454

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