Armored BMW 760LI Sedan - London

Factory Armored BMW 760LI Sedan Available for Rent in London, England from Diplomat Armored Rentals.

V12 Petrol - B7 Armor

Available for Client Driven Rental or With Trained Security Driver

Contact us today to reserve this vehicle: US Toll-Free 1-888-480-0454

$2,000 Per Day / $12,500 Per Week / $50,000 Per Month

90 Day Special Rental Incentive $140,000

Armored Vehicle Info

BMW Hi Security 7 -Panzer

V12 - Petrol

2+3 Seating Configuration

Black Exterior/Grey Interior

Armoring Specs and Safety Equipment

B6/7 BMW factory armored with certificates (mines, armor-piercing bullets, side blast, fire attack, gas attack)

360 Degree Protection

The BMW’s underside and all body panels around the passenger compartment are reinforced with special high-strength steel, and the windows are layered with 2.4 inches of polycarbonate that’ll stop glass shards—or bullets—from harming passengers.

An intercom lets the chauffeured chat with the chaff outside, without the risk of opening doors or windows. There’s also an assault alarm and an automatic fire-extinguisher system for the engine compartment and car underside. If a special monitoring system detects an irritant gas, it locks the doors and windows and pumps fresh air into the cabin until the threat has passed.

Other features include holders for ambassadors’ flags, two-way radios, lights and sirens for the outside. Finally, BMW adds a beefed-up suspension to carry the extra weight added by all the reinforcements.

Steel & Transparent Armor

Overlap Protection Pillars

Run-flat Inserts

Armored ECU

Armored Gas Tank & Battery

Upgraded Brakes

Heavy Duty Suspension System

Operable Front Windows


Fire suppression System

Red & Blue Lights

Forced oxygen system for gas and fire attack protection

Head-of-State standard

Automatic front and rear zoned air conditioning with park function

Auxiliary heating system

Automatic transmission

Steptronic, servotronic cruise control

Soft-close automatic door and trunk

Rear and side window blinds

Retracting rear windows

Active Comfort front and rear electronic memory seats with heating

Driver/Passenger front and rear airbags

Auto-dim, anti-glare interior and exterior mirrors

Professional Hi Fi audio system

Professional Navigation

Parking distance control

Xenon lights

BMW on-line

Electronic front and rear seats

Multiple airbags

TV in rear

BMW Telephones in front and rear

6 disk CD and DVD player


Armored Rental & Armored Car Hire Services


Client Driven Rentals are NOT permitted in this vehicle.

A trained and certified armored vehicle driver is included in the daily rate.

All Drivers and Executive Protection Agents Licensed, Insured and certified Armoured Vehicle Operators.

Security Services available at this location:

Security Drivers * Executive Protection * Diplomatic Security * Embassy Services

Armored Rental Rates

$2,000 Per Day

$12,500 Per Week

$50,000 Per Month

*Daily Rate for Armored Car Hire Service Includes 10 Hours and 150 km Per Day.

*Overages are billed at $150 Per Hour and $1 USD km

*Airport Transfer Rates (Partial Days) Are NOT available with this armored vehicle.

Full rental days only

Hourly N/A / Half Day N/A

.*There is a $250 Rush Service fee if either the contract or full payment
are received within 48 hours of the scheduled armored vehicle service start time.

Flat-Rate (Round Trip) Shipping Cost for this Armored Vehicle

This vehicle is Located in London, England

The cost to ship this armoured vehicle to nearby cities is as follows:

  • Paris, France $1,200.00
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands $1,600.00
  • Milan, Italy $2,350.00
  • Madrid, Spain $2,100.00
  • Athens, Greece $2,200.00

This armoured car is available for transport to the following:

Austria, Belgium,Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus,Czech, Luxembourg Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden

Government Contracting Data

GSA Fleet: YES Embassy Flex Fleet: NA 90 DAY Special Rate: Call for 90 Day Incentive Pricing 1-888-480-0454 D&B Number:078514364 Cage:7ACQ3 NAICS:532112, 561612 United Nations Global Market Place: 218874 SIC: 7514, 7381 Veteran Owned Business (V.O.B.)

Cancellation Policy

7 Days in Advance of Arrival Date = Full Refund
3 Days in Advance = 50% Refund (Of the 50% Deposit or total amount paid to us)
1-3 Days in Advance (No Refund) *All Prices Shown are in USD.
Contact Us Today to Reserve this vehicle: 1-888-480-0454.


About Diplomat Armored Rentals

Diplomat Armored Rentals is a Veteran Owned Business founded in
2012. We are the World's premier provider of armored passenger vehicles for
Rent with over 300 armored vehicles in our fleet. We provide armored passenger
vehicles for long and short-term rentals.

We have armored vehicles available on the ground in the US,
Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile,
United Kingdom, Germany, France, Switzerland, Turkey, India, Italy, Moscow,
Libya, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq and in
the Philippines.

Armored Vehicles Available for Rent in Mexico

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information here:

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Contacting Diplomat Armored Rentals

Feel free to contact us for a free, no obligation security
assessment and quote.

Phone:US Toll Free:1-888-480-0454

Operators Available 24/7


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